Friday, April 30, 2010

Jason Kidd's Ear Ache

Mavericks guard Jason Kidd didn't waste much time getting the heck out of dodge.  He missed the team's Friday morning end-of-season meeting and exit interview session.  According to head coach Rick Carlisle, Kidd was in his off-season home of Phoenix to "get away from it" take care of some "personal things".  Carlisle said he had no problem with Kidd being the only player to miss the meeting.

Numerous Mavericks sources have confirmed to me that Kidd was suffering from an ear infection during the course of the playoff series against the Spurs.  He did not want the news of the issue revealed during the series.  If you recall, Kidd missed the Saturday practice prior to Sunday's Game 3, seemingly to rest his legs.  He had logged a series-high 45 minutes in Friday's Game 2.  The te

Through six games against the Spurs, Kidd did not play like the man whom Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich claimed had found the fountain of youth.  The 37-year old point guard averaged eight points and seven assists this series in comparison to his 12 points, seven assist average the final month of the regular season.  He shot just 30% from the field and 32% from 3-point range after shooting 42% and 43% from both spots, respectively.


  1. Normally I would say something like "tell Kidd to suck it up and be a man" but ironically I too have been suffering from an ear infection and clogged eustachian tube the last few days and I know there is no way in hell I could play basketball. My whole world is out of balance with this thing and will be for a few more days until the medication runs its course. It sucks. I'll cut Kidd a little slack.
    Dennis A. Lokey
    Flower Mound, TX

  2. Manu played with a broken nose, Hill with a tweaked ankle, etc etc. Excuses are everywhere.

  3. Have you seen the x-ray of the bone chip floating around in Manu's nose? The guy continued to play like a champion despite getting his face smashed.


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