Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Sports Girl Gettin' Fit: Reebok EasyTone Review

I am asked about my Reebok EasyTone shoes at least once a day.  From "what's up with those shoes?" to "do they really work and do anything for your tush?"

They don't give you a perfectly sculpted booty overnight but they aren't completely ineffective and I do feel they provide a benefit Reebok fails to recognize.

The shoes are rounded on the bottom, using what Reebok calls "balance pods" to create instability and "encourage toning through increased muscle activation in three key areas of the leg: the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and calves."

I've worked out in my EasyTones for two months and have not noticed a substantial toning or enchanced difference in those areas.  The instability created by the shoe isn't enough to cause a "toning effect" in my tush, hamstrings or calves.  I've run, walked, done the elliptical trainer, jumped rope and taken a slew of classes in the shoes.  For me, they do not offer any any additional benefit in that regard, in my opinion.

There are a number of qualities I like about the EasyTones.  I will frequently balance on one foot to do bicep curls or shoulder raises.  Because of the shoe's rounded sole, I have to engage my core in order to stay stable.  This surprised me.  With a flat-bottom shoe, there's just a little bit of core work going on.  With the EasyTones, I am squeezing my stomach muscles to the point of exhaustion. This is much more challenging, in a good way, than in a flat-bottomed shoe.  It's a big difference, enough to keep my in the EasyTones while lifting weights.

I also like the cushioning of the EasyTones.  From kickboxing classes to simply running around town and doing errands, they provide a wonderfully comfortable cushion that I've never before experienced in a shoe.  I've run sprints in them before and while they're not ideal for running, they're really comfortable.

Overall, I'm a fan of the Reebok EasyTones.  They don't give you a super-sculpted booty.  At least they don't give that to me.  I've got to squat, lunge and lift my weight to one of those.  They are remarkably comfortable, though, and can give your core an unexpectedly good workout.

BONUS Shoe Porn:
EasyTones have made even more news recently with their ads, including this one featuring supermodel 41-year old Helena Christensen baring all but her EasyTones.
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