Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rangers Want Someone But Can They Get Him?

On our TXA21 pregame show, Rangers president Nolan Ryan didn't hesitate a bit when asked what this team could be in the market for as the trade deadline approaches.

"A veteran right-handed hitter," Ryan said.  "We face so many left handers and it would help to have that guy in the lineup or have him on the bench.  If we had a key situation where we needed a right hander to face a left hander and not have to send a let hander up there, that would be something that we would certainly have an interest in."

You had to see it to believe it: A Lady-Gaga-loving fan I found post-concert. .
Infer from it what you may but all signs say Ryan is alluding to the hole that is Lady-Gaga-loving Chris Davis.  He's your biggest concern thanks to the fact he's batting .184.  That being said, his defense is passable. You could have made the case that Justin Smoak was a drop-off from a defensive standpoint.

Finding a veteran right-handed hitter that can be effective is undoubtedly easier said than done.  To paraphrase Bill Parcells: this isn't a 1-800-dial-a-power-hitter league.

"Those opportunities don't come along very often," Ryan conceded.

You can't walk into Costco and pick up the guy like you can a five-pound container of spinach artichoke dip.  So, I ask you, with the non-waiver trade deadline approaching on July 31st,  are you content with what Texas currently offers or are you hoping for another move?

Do you have a number of someone who can help?