Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your Thoughts on Rangers Auction

Some of you want Mavericks owner Mark Cuban involved in the ownership of the Texas Rangers.  Many more of you don't.

Here's a sampling of your feedback via twitter:

bohemianrose: I would much rather see Nolan Ryan as the new Rangers owner... Cuban kind of scares me...

davesteinbach: Hard to deny the turnaround of the team under Ryan. He's building vs. spending. Gimme Nolan.

KyleGathright: best case scenario is right there. Cuban will spend the $ to win and if he listens to Nolan we will win.

57Healey: But, I would rather it be Crane/Cuban as they have the money to invest in the club after the purchase, maybe keep Lee

Gravypan: Not Cuban. Tired of the way he's undermined Greenburg/Ryan in the last few weeks

iamfelipa: for sure Cuban. He makes things fun. I would see alot of fan contests and promotions like he does for the @dallasmavs

MCinDallas: I pick Cuban if Ryan stays. He'll spend but Ryan has shown aggressive moves lately. Just wonder how it'd be if he were owner

fpgiv: Please let the Greenberg/Ryan group win. Can't handle seeing Cubes dancing and wearing RFFL t-shirts behind dugout.