Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Weekend's DFW Sports Tornado is a Dream Come True

The Sports Tornado that is hitting DFW this weekend is what I dreamed about as a kid.  Seriously.

As a 14-year old sports-obsessed Dallas native, watching George Riba do his thing from Valley Ranch, there was no doubt I wanted to go into this crazy/painful/exhilarating business and do it in my own backyard.  Somehow I finagled my way here and and many years later, it's a reality.  The even better reality is the chaoticly awesome, nonstop sports weekend that many more of us dream about is actually happening.  Here.  Now.

Consider the early Christmas/Hanukkah present that is this weekend in DFW:

Rangers/Rays Game 3 (which is a present enough for long-suffering fans)
Baylor/Texas Tech at the Cotton Bowl
Arkansas/Texas A&M at JerryWorld
SMU/Tulsa on the Hilltop
TCU/Wyoming in Fort Worth

I can't remember a weekend this like this.  Ever.  From my days in Houston to Guam to Knoxville when SEC Football and basketball overlapped, I've never experienced one this jampacked in one metropolitan area.

But wait there's more!  Play the Ginsu Knife ad.

Add to all this Saturday night's Mavs/Suns game.  I know, it's no big deal because it's preseason basketball but the whole playing outdoors in Palm Springs thing is more fun.  I kinda wish I could take that in, too.

My family has tickets to both SMU and the Rangers but where will I be Saturday night?  In the TXA21 studios in east Fort Worth, working on the debut edition of Saturday Night Hockey.  Did you forget?  The Dallas Stars play the Islanders tonight, too.  Your Stars are undefeated, btw, after an overtime win against the Devils Friday night.

Saturday that Sports Tornado makes landfall but Sunday could be crazy, too.  If the Rangers don't sweep the Rays, Game 4 will take place at the Ballpark followed by the Cowboys and Titans at JerryWorld.


The Sports Tornado is a once in a lifetime thing.  Enjoy it.  Who knows when it will happen again.

Where will you be this weekend?
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