Saturday, January 29, 2011

Davos Mistresses vs Wives...Sounds Like Another Day in Dallas or Any Other Pro Sports Town

While the happenings at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland are dominating the business talk world, a well-written piece by a Davos wife is dominating the blogosphere.  To me, it sounds remarkably familiar.

Anya Schiffrin, author and Davos wife of Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, is writing a great series on the complicated hierarchy of the "Desperate Davos Wives" and the "Jealous Davos Mistresses".

Of the wives she writes about being an accessory to her husband and how underrepresented women are the power play summit.  She laments that "along with countless other wives I’ve put in my time and always felt that we are under represented."

You married a powerful influencer.  Deal with it.

Granted FBN's Liz Claman has also noted the lack of female leaders at the forum, in an interesting blog series titled "Cherchez le Femme."  That, however, is an issue for another day.

Schiffrin's observations about the mistresses are what's truly piquing everyone's interests.

"But if wives have it bad, mistresses, who are invited under a variety of guises and usually wind up with a white name tag, have it worse. Typically their men are swallowed up by a tsunami of meetings and interviews and don’t have the time or inclination to take their mistresses around with them. Often these men go to high-level dinners to which wives and mistresses are not invited. The skinny and beautifully dressed Davos Mistress typically hangs around the auditoriums waiting for a couple of minutes with her man. While waiting, she keeps her eyes peeled looking to search and destroy the competition."

Then there is the lowest of the low on the booty-call totem pole, what Schiffrin describes as the aspiring mistress.

"Rumor has it (heard first-hand from more than one jealous Davos Mistress) that there are legions of women — let’s call them the aspiring mistresses — who do not get a coveted Davos invitation and badge and so can not enter the Congress Centre but who come anyway. They book a hotel room and prowl the streets hoping to snare their prey. They are the worst enemies of the Davos Mistress."

To all this I say, it sounds like any other Super Bowl, All-Star Game or any other random sporting event.  Substitute "aspiring mistress" for "good, old-fashioned gold digger" and it's a Thursday night at most arenas across the NBA.

I would even go a step further than Schiffrin and wonder about the assistants and interns.  When I was a lowly intern, I was once told that my job for the entire evening was to make sure Player X's wife stayed as far away as possible from Player X's girlfriend.  This became one of my dreaded, nightly duties.

I only wonder if the World Economic Forum experienced a stripper shortage, as well?
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