Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Bowl 45 Primer: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner & Guess Who Can't Get a Table

As the masses begin to descend on North Texas for Super Bowl XLV, little birds are chirping with all sorts of tidbits.  Who is sprucing up JerryWorld, who's renting out entire hotels and who can't get a reservation at one of the premier restaurants in Dallas?

  • According to one source, Jay Z is renting one Uptown Dallas hotel for a few days.  The WHOLE enchilada.  My source says the very popular bar/restaurant as well as every room in the hotel will be on lock down.  Anyone without a pass, key or credential will be denied entry into the fly hotspot. 
  • Tables at your favorite hangouts will be tough to get.  Business types, entertainers and athletes have secured reservations at many of the area's marquee restaurants, leaving local regulars out in the cold.  According to one server at a celeb-friendly Dallas eatery, this particular establishment is booked solid like never before.  In fact, it's so jampacked with names-you-know that not even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could get a reservation for a large party during Super Bowl week.  That sounds almost improbable since he is serving as a sort of "guest host" for the week but according to this server, the likes of Adam Sandler and Cameron Diaz have Goodell beat for dining real estate. 
  • Famous faces are already filing into town.  According to one well-known business man who was visiting Cowboys Stadium this weekend, Martha Stewart was at JerryWorld.  Whether she was baking brownies, serving up freshly picked acorn squash or polishing the Owners Suites' granite is still unknown. 
Ready or not, the glitterati as well as some of the unwashed are coming to North Texas and they're doing so in a Texas-size way.

Are you excited about Super Bowl XLV or are you dreading the potential disruption of every day life? 
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