Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's Your Workout? Ideas for a New One

The Wall Street Journal series "What's Your Workout" is insightful, interesting and perfect for anyone looking to experiment with a new workout.  It focuses on the routines of different people.  It's great for the exercise-obsessed like me looking for ideas to incorporate into a workout plan.

The latest one really intrigued me.  If features 35-year old Kristen Silverman who participates in various bootcamp and Crossfit workouts.  They have completely changed her body and it hasn't been through the use of any special equipment.  She uses her body weight as the "machine" to get her in shape.

"The 35-year-old chief operating officer of Nandana, a private resort in the Bahamas, had been attending hour-long group fitness classes that mimicked the routine Marines go through in boot camp. Three to four days a week Ms. Silverman completed obstacle courses that included hurdles, monkey bars, a six-foot rope climb and six-foot walls to scale."

I love the idea of just using your body weight.  No equipment, no crap (a la my Shake Weight, which I love).  Just your own body weight.  It's functional fitness and it's becoming more my go-to choice for getting in shape.

A number of former athletes I work with are done with lifting weights.  I won't name names but one simply practices Jiu Jitsu five days a week.  Another one is fascinated with the Insanity workout.  Yes, the one on the infomercial that claims to "PUSH YOU PAST YOUR LIMITS!!!!!!".   They are both in their 40's, in phenomenal shape and don't lift a single dumbell or Shake Weight, for that matter. 

What fitness routines are you into this year?  Any plans to change yours or get started?