Sunday, February 20, 2011

Michael Young Reports to Spring Training 2011, Nolan & JD's Reaction

Michael Young reported to Rangers spring training on Saturday, delivering a big hug to Ron Washington the moment he walked into the clubhouse. It's clear he has no issues with the Rangers manager. What's also crystal clear is that the issues lies with general manager Jon Daniels.

"I never in a million years thought this offseason would unfold the way it has," he said during a 20-plus minute press conference. "What I am gonna do is focus on the things I can control, helping my teammates get better, letting my manager know he can count on me."

He pointed out how much he respected Washington and team president Nolan Ryan, failing to mention Daniels. When pressed, he said he had no plans to talk to to him.

Daniels and Ryan met with the media about a half-hour later for a solid 30 minutes. Daniels addressed the apparent fracture that he has with Young.

"I would love to walk in hug everyone every day but that's not critical for us to win," he admitted. "I have good relationship with most but I think time will heal EVERYTHNG and we'll leave it at that."

Click on the video for more observations from what was an interesting (to say the least) Saturday in Surprise.

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