Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rangers Ballpark Improvements: Isn't It Really All About the Cupholders?

The Rangers are giving the Ballpark in Arlington a much-needed facelift.  The team is spending north of $13 million to install a new video board (THANK GOD!!!!!) on the Right Field Porch.  Fans will also see more than 800 Sony professional-grade LCD monitors and hear a much-improved audio system.

All that stuff, I call the Big Sexy.  Those improvements make a splash.  How about the stuff that makes a real difference?

The Rangers found out, through fan feedback, that the cupholders on certain seats, quite frankly, sucked.  So the team has a crew going seat to seat, cupholder to cupholder to make they are all in proper working order.  Anyone with a Texas-sized SUV knows all about the importance of a good cupholder.

I might make another suggestion: get rid of the leather seats in the swanky, outdoor sections.  Pull back the curtain time, when it is crazy hot in the summer, the leather seats exacerbate the sweat factor on the back of your legs.  For the ladies, dressed in cute dresses and outfits, trying to impress their dates/husbands/boyfriends or get dates/husbands/boyfriends this blows.  Big time.  I have a number of girlfriends who had cute little white summer dresses ruined from those leather seats.  The gals don't want to go back because of the leg sweat.  And we all know, if the gals don't want to go, the guys aren't going either.

Just a suggestion from my gals who have paid those high dry cleaning bills trying to get their sweat-stained clothing cleaned.

Now, the cool thing is that you can keep up with the progress of the work bein done on the Ballpark.  The Rangers have a live webcam monitoring all the progress.  Go here to check it out.  It's a cool little feature.