Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rangers Will __________ in 2011...Time to Go on Record

A dinner table discussion Tuesday night turned into a heated debate about just what your Texas Rangers will do this season.  Win the AL West?  Win the American League?  Make a second straight World Series appearance?  Crack the 90 win plateau?  Crack the 80 win plateau?

I won't dive too far into the conversation but the consensus was, because of a variety of reasons, the Rangers will have a hard time repeating the success they had last year.  Or even coming anywhere close to it.  According to, the over/under on Rangers wins this year is 86.5.  Everyone at the table took the under.  Way under actually.  Last year the over/under was 83.5.  In comparison, look at some other teams of interest: the Giants 88.5, Yankees 91.5, Phillies 96.5 and Texas opening day opponent, the Red Sox 95.5.

What do you think Texas will do this year?

How many games do they win?

Do they win the AL West?

Do the crack 90 wins?

Share your Rangers 2011 predictions in the comments section.