Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Details on the Sports Illustrated Commemorative Issue Celebrating Mavs Championship

FINALLY!  The "Big One for Big D" is here.

The Mavericks are getting that Sports Illustrated championship issue that's a rite of passage for all title-winning teams.  These are great opportunities for fans to relive some of the memorable and magical moments of a championship season.

Some of the magazine's highlights include:
  • A profile on Mark Cuban titled a "A Maverick Kind of Town". 
  • A pictorial of the championship season.
  • A feature on the unique makeup of this team: from superstars in Dirk Nowitzki to role players and unsung heroes. 
  • It also has a great story that looks back at the 12 players who had a lasting impact on the franchise.  Of course, this is where my bias emerges as Derek Harper is unquestionably one of those men.  It includes other Mavs greats I grew up loving like Rolando Blackman, Brad Davis and James Donaldson (I had the "grow tall with James Donaldson poster as a kid).
The issue is already on newsstands and tons of area retailers (think 7-11, Kroger, Costco, etc.).  It will cost you $7.99.

D Harp!
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