Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Baby Girl Fashion Tip

File this one in the hell freezing over department:  I never thought I'd be doling out fashion advice for kids.  But as any new parent can attest, I have learned a few tricks and now feel like I'm an expert

Tongue planted firmly in cheek as I wrote that last phrase.

Parents of little girls know that shopping for baby clothes is more fun and more expensive than it should be.  I got caught up in the baby clothes buying craze.  From baby-butt soft Kissy Kissy onesies to a DVF for Gap romper that Jordan wore only twice before she outgrew it, those adorable infant clothes fully sucked me into their fashion vortex.

Of course, it's ridiculous to spend a ton of cash on everyday clothes because kids outgrow them so quickly.  Thanks to my colleague, Bill Jones (and perhaps his beautiful wife Stacy), I figured out how to make dresses and pants last a little longer.

The Joneses gave Jordan the cutest Gymboree sweater dress for babies age 3-6 months.  Jordan wore it as a dress really well for a solid three months last winter and into early spring.  During the summer it was a little warm.  Now that the weather is cooling, and she has grown like a weed, we have repurposed the dress as a top, paired with leggings that Jordan wore six months ago as pants.

You can see in the photos, it's basically a top with versatile capri-type leggings now.  This is a great outfit for the season.  Even better, there's now another life cycle to two articles of clothing that she can wear deep into the fall.  Any flowy dress can be worn again as a top while those uber-cheap stretchy pants can be used again as leggings.  I LOVE that.  

That sound you're now hearing is the collective "duh!" veteran parents are saying.  But seriously,  amidst all talk of breast feeding and Boudreaux's Butt Paste, why did you guys not tell me this?

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