Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentino's Rhodium-plated Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Brooch

Gorgeous.  Elegant.  Timeless.

These adjectives describe this beautiful butterfly brooch from Valentino.  It's available on the for $270.03.  A bit pricey but a piece that will be fashionable forever.

I absolutely love the detail on this brooch.  It reminds me of a French art deco piece.  You could even attach a chain to it and wear it as a long pendant. 

Brooches are something we seem to forget can be a wardrobe gamechanger.  Whether worn on a sweater, the neck of a turtleneck or even in your hair, they are a perfect statement accessory.  My grandmother had a beautiful brooch collection that I was lucky to inherit.  

One of my favorites from the collection is this little man.   Granted, he's seen better days but it's still a fun piece to wear.  When she wore it I always dreamed of flying a magic carpet.  This brooch, though, is also a testament to the timelessness of good jewelry.   Great pieces can be worn for years and be as evocative as the day they were created. 



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