Friday, July 12, 2013

Trying to Kick the Soda Habit? Here are Five Great Alternatives to Quench Your Thirst.

We know regular soda makes you fat, causes cavities and leads to diabetes.

A new study shows that diet soda and its artificial sweeteners lead to all sorts of health problems.

Crystal Lite and other artificially-sweetened water enhancers?  They aren't much better. 

Let's do the soapbox thing for a bit:
An occasional soda, diet or regular, won't kill you.  It's fine in moderation and can be incorporated into a healthful diet.  The occasional diet Cherry Coke from J.D.'s Chippery makes my day. 

J.D.'s Chippery
But if you're making soda or the fake stuff a daily diet staple, then you're doing yourself a disservice.

So what are some alternatives, particularly on a hot summer day?

Water is the best choice but it can get boring.  Consider these options:

Water with watermelon
  • Water with produce - lemons, limes, oranges, berries, cucumber slices, mint, watermelon cubes, etc.  The combinations are endless.  My daughter loves fruit-infused water. 

Kusmi, Tazo, Stash - all great options over icw
  • Iced Tea - again, this is something that gives you endless options.  I am in love with Kusmi tea that I picked up in Paris.  I keep a few bags in my desk at work.  I simply pour hot water over a teabag in a heat resistant cup and let it cool.  You can actually get two or three uses out of one teabag.  If you use good tea, you don't need sweetener.   Double bonus: it brings back good memories of my trip to Paris. 
Kusmi Detox Grapefruit tea - a beautiful green, grapefruit tea, delicious over ice
  • Sparkling water - Perrier makes some wonderful waters that are naturally flavored with lemon, lime and grapefruit.  Whole Foods has a delicious mint sparkling water.  My favorite is simple, unflavored Pellegrino.  I enjoy squeezing lime into a big glass of it and adding some shredded mint for a virgin mojito-esque beverage.  I buy Pellegrino by the case at Costco. 
Kombucha & San Pellegrino
  • Kombucha - this is a lower-calorie option you can pick up just about anywhere.
  • Coconut water - love this stuff on a hot day, particularly after a workout.