Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How One Hotel is Taking the Twitter Travel Experience to New Hashtag Heights

It was only a matter a time.  One hotel has gone totally Twitter in effort to connect and engage its guests and raise awareness for the hotel's brand. 

Melia Hotels International presents Sol Wave House or @SolWaveHouse on Twitter.  You can also use #SocialWave to stay in the conversation.  The property, located in Mallorca, Spain, is a full-on Twitter retreat. 

When you check in, you'll see messages encouraging you to  "share the love".  There is even a Twitter concierge.  The New York Times notes that "guests can instruct via tweet to 'Get the Cava on ice followed by '1 bottle, 4 glasses to the solarium,' as one visitor did last month. There are images of mustaches on mirrors in the rooms, encouraging guests to tweet goofy selfies. And on Friday afternoons at the height of the season, the concierge uses a pool party hashtag (#twitterpoolparty) to summon sun worshipers."  

The hotel hopes to "merge the real and virtual worlds to create a totally new experience. Something never seen before. We connect the hotel and everyone in it to their own social community where they can meet, interact, have fun, compete, experience, flirt, tweet, and much, much more...Every corner of the hotel is designed to help strike up new conversations, make friends and enjoy unique experiences."

The New York Times points out that all guest interaction takes place on a secure community only available to guests through the hotel's app and free Wi-Fi.

This is smart, as smartphone use is only going to grow.  I love social media, and Twitter, perhaps more than anyone but isn't there something to be said for the digital detox?  Obviously Sol Wave House is going for the hyper-connected guest.  Who knows, that might become all of us in the near future. 
What's next?  The Instagram Inn?  Hmmmm.....that doesn't sound so bad when you think about it. 
All photos courtesy of Melia.com


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