Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Use the News to Help Your Business

News isn't just for informing you of the latest weather, traffic and sports reports.  It can also help your business.


By monitoring stories that are dominating headlines, you can develop promotions and campaigns targeted towards your key demographic or clients.

Two recent events are perfect examples of business opportunities created by the news cycle.

Recently, CNN profiled Genevieve Jeuck and Michael Sallemi, a couple who had planned to get married at a resort in the Grand Canyon.  As the government shutdown approached, the resort notified Jeuck and informed her she should consider other options.

Can you imagine the Bridezilla moment?  I would be livid!

Jeuck and her fiance were left scrambling to find another venue to host their wedding.

As it relates to your company, this is a perfect example of an opportunity created by a news event.  A caterer, florist, party venue or any other business in this space can implement marketing efforts to assist couples affected by the shutdown.  Here's how:
  • Offer special, specific promotions targeted towards these couples.
  • Example: a cake business could offer half-off a groom's cake or a special "fast-tracked" cake for the wedding date. 
  • Create a social media campaign via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest to offer simple solutions that can help. 
  • Example: a stationery business might offer redesign suggestions on Pinterest or Google+.

Another example is the new purse policy the NFL has enforced this season that limits what women and families can bring into NFL games.  

A quick-thinking business owner who is in the handbag industry or operates a retail outlet has a wealth of options stemming solely from this new rule to create awareness for his or her brand: 
  • Post photos to Instagram and Pinterest featuring purses and handbags that work within the NFL's policy.  I have shared NFL-purse-policy approved bags on my personal Instagram feed and repurposed them to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to great response. 
  • Craft blog posts or YouTube videos outlining bags that will be allowed into each NFL stadium.  Don't just take pictures of them, style them.  Show how they work in conjunction with an overall look. 
  • Create a dedicated section in a retail store featuring purses that are perfect for gameday.
These are only two specific case studies.  In every 24-hour news cycle, there are opportunities for your business.  Wading through the avalanche of headlines can be overwhelming, though.

That's where That Sports Girl Media can help.

We know what is newsworthy and we understand how certain stories affect your brand, thanks to more than 15 years in the TV news business.  We can also create the content that can help your brand connect with consumers.

Contact Gina Miller on any of her social media platforms or simply email her to find out she can help you use the news to grow your business.