Monday, November 4, 2013

In Defense of Broccoli

It's not sexy.  It's not even pretty.  Former president George H.W. Bush famously despises it.  But who knew that broccoli was the weak sister of the super food world? 


Imagine my horror when I opened Sunday's New York Times Magazine to find my favorite vegetable being described as “Overcooked, soggy"....“Hiding under cheese”....“Told not to leave the table until I eat it.”

How can something so wonderful be so maligned?  Broccoli's benefits are numerous: 
So why the hate?  It's not hip like kale or sugary like a sweet potato.  In fact, according to Sara Brito, the strategy director of the ad team hired to improve the cruciferous veggie's rep  “It doesn’t matter in our culture. It has lost its confidence, succumbed to bullying and pressure. It’s content being on the sidelines.”


So how can you love it more?  Easily.  Here are a few ways to enjoy the most super of superfoods: 

Courtesy: Cooking Light
  • Steam it and sprinkle some of your favorite seasoning on top: Old Bay, Slap Yo Mamma, Mrs. Bragg's, any of them. 
  • Sprinkle warm, steamed broccoli with freshly grated parmesan cheese and some pepper. 
  • Serve steamed broccoli with your favorite salsa or mustard.  I love Edmond Fallot Dijon with it.  
  • Serve raw broccoli with salsa or salad dressings: ranch or Green Goddess are my favorites. I prefer the all-natural kind. 
  • Try a lighter broccoli casserole, like this one from Cooking Light.  
  • Use broccoli in an easy frittata. It's super simple and a great way to use extra vegetables.  
Don't hate the most wonderful of healthful foods.  Steam it.  Experiment with it.  Try it with some healthier toppings.  I promise you will fall in love.  If not with the flavor, with super boost of healthy nutrients and fiber it gives you.