Friday, November 8, 2013

The Babies, Puppies, Fire House and Starbucks Edition of Good News Friday

Good News Friday is about sharing all the awesome news that happened this week.  From cute babies birthdays to adorable puppies, fire house tours and more, you had a great one.  Check it out:

I love this commitment from Starbucks to hire at least 10,000 veterans and active-duty spouses over the next five years.  Thank you.

Locally, one of my favorite people in the world has this great news to share:
Tracy Kornet Gina...I am DYING...was just asked to fill in for the ailing singer of Ambrosia this Saturday night in 2 sold out shows! Get to sing my all-time fav song "Biggest Part of Me"...and with an amazing sax player Warren Hill! 
Tracy Kornet, on left, singing at a festival in Waxahachie, TX 
Tracy is an incredibly talented singer.  If you get the chance to hear her perform, do it.  She will blow you away.

Check out the little ones celebrating big birthdays: 
Abbi Fuchs Miller Macy is 2 years old today!

Andie Smith Liam turns 1 tomorrow!

How about little ones simply being adorable:

Doug Kojak Kacsir big brother taking baby sis shopping

My daughter, Jordan, toured the Dallas Fire Department's Station #11.
She loved it.  Big thanks to the DFD!  
And finally, the puppies: 
Gina Andrews Costanza sun spots for everyone!

Gina wins on another front, in my opinion, because she is marrying one of my favorite people in the world: the legendary Evan P. Grant. 

Stephanie Cook My Sweet Adorable Puppy Tinkerbell..I adopted her recently...she's my good news.. 

Sean Catherman My 10 month old bully...

Sophin Say The best wing man a guy could ever have.

Glenn Thorpe Oh, hello there...

Jay Rutherford My Corgi!

Love it all!  Thanks for reading.  
Have a great weekend! 
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