Friday, January 31, 2014

The Super Bowl 48 Friday Cheat Sheet

I know many of you sports gals are heading to Super Bowl 48 parties this weekend.  This is your cheat sheet to win your weekend, have fun at your Super Bowl party, look fabulous, not blow your calorie wad and know what you're talking about all in one.

What to Know About Super Bowl 48
The basic, simple thing you need to know is that this game pits the NFL's top-ranked offense, the Denver Broncos, against the NFL's number one defense, the Seattle Seahawks.  Both teams finished the regular season 13-3, the best record in each of their respective conferences.

This story from the Wall Street Journal does an outstanding job offering a Super Bowl 48 primer for the "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" fan.

Which one are you?

What to Wear to a Super Bowl 48 Party 
You can take a couple approaches to your Super Bowl party: wear something in support of the team you want to win or go fashionably neutral.  Let's look at choices to help you look fabulous this Sunday.

If you're rooting for the Broncos:

Broncos Raglan T-shirt
Broncos Raglan T-Shirt
I think this classic Broncos T-shirt from Urban Outfitters is adorable.  This one is modeled by a guy but it would look great on any sports gal with a cute pair of jeans, boots and some jewelry.

'47 Brand Denver Broncos Scrum T-Shirt
'47 Brand Denver Broncos Scrum T-Shirt
This Broncos Classic T-shirt by '47 Brand is also cute.  Pair it with a faux fur vest, jeans and boots.

Seahawks Fan? No Problem:
 Seattle Seahawks T-Shirt
5th & Ocean Seattle Seahawks T-Shirt 
This Seahawks T-shirt by 5th & Ocean would look great with a black blazer, jeans, heels and a clutch.

Nike Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Bound Fan T-Shirt
Nike Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Bound T-Shirt
This is just Seattle's second Super Bowl appearance in team history.  Mark the occasion with this cute V-neck from Nike.  I think it would look great with a fun scarf, jeans and an arm full of bangles.

Neutral?  Here's how to score a fashion touchdown:

Banana Republic Black Skinny Ankle Jean
Banana Republic Black Skinny Ankle Jean
Banana Republic's Black Skinny Ankle Jean is the perfect base for any outfit.  It's so versatile.  You can pair it with a variety of tops.

Catherine Malandrino Arlene Lace-Stripe Knit Sweater -
Catherine Malandrino Lace Stripe Knit Sweater
This Catharine Malandrino Lace Stripe Knit Sweater is a great, sexy option to pair with black jeans.

Ann Taylor Silk Blouse
Ann Taylor Silk Blouse
This silk blouse from Ann Taylor is also good.  I like how it's paired with the necklace in this photo.  It's a versatile casual-to-work top that can work on the weekends or during the workweek.

Diet Tips to Win Your Super Bowl 48 Party
Full disclosure: I am looking forward to chicken wings on Sunday.  I love them.  It's my thing.  Don't hate.

Here's the final tip in my Diet Tip a Day series:
We know we're going to do indulge, so enjoy something that you really crave.  For me, it's the wings.  Forgo the chips.  They're not that great.  Really.  Instead indulge in something that is worth the calories.

It's easy to make a healthy dip that you can serve with fresh carrots, broccoli, celery and other vegetables that will balance out the fattier fare.

LIme Bean Dip Recipe
Try this Lima Bean Dip recipe from Cooking Light.

Hungry Girl has a great Buffalo Chicken Hot Wing Dip recipe.

If all else fails, pick up some hummus and guacamole at the store.  They pair well with anything.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading the Friday Cheat Sheet.

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I hope you have a great weekend and that your team wins!

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