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Where to Find Stylish Dallas Mavericks Gear for Women

Dallas, we have a problem: there is a lack of attractive, fashionable Dallas Mavericks-branded gear for women.

Before you give me a killer eye roll, I realize that in the scheme of things this is about as important as deciding whether to visit the Chanel store at Highland Park Village or pop into the one at the downtown Neiman's for the latest Chanel 2.55 bag. But for many sports-loving gals, it's a sartorial dilemma.

Monday, I went hunting for something fun and green to wear to the Mavs/Celtics game on St. Patrick's Day.  I was looking for shirts for both my daughter and me.  I failed.
Touch Touch by Alyssa Milano Dallas Mavericks Ladies Shirt
Touch by Alyssa Milano Dallas Mavericks Shirt
You'll remember I blogged about what to wear to Monday's game where I found plenty of options online.  You would think that finding cute shirts in actual stores in DALLAS like the Dallas Mavericks V-Neck featured above would be easy.  Not so much.

The pickings are slimmer than a model strutting down a Paris runway.  In fact, I found more Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat AND Boston Celtics gear than I did Dallas Mavericks stuff to wear.

The "Investigation"

Forever Slutty at Forever 21
At Forever 21, I was surprised they actually had sports gear.  It's the cheesy, bordering on slutty kind of cheaply made stuff you would expect.  I didn't see any Mavs apparel at the Northpark store.

Celtics and Nets Gear at Forever 21

Heat and Clippers gear at Forever 21 
Knicks and Bulls pants at Forever 21
The Dearth at Dick's Sporting Goods
At Dick's Sporting Goods, there was one measly little Mavericks section with about 10 blue Mavs t-shirts for women.  Nothing in green.  Full disclosure: I didn't want to take a picture because it was right next to the checkout stand.  I feared being escorted out of the store.

Dick's did have a fully stocked Rangers section complete with jerseys for new players Shin Soo Choo, Prince Fielder and Seahawks quarterback/Ranger Russell Wilson.
Rangers gear at Dick's Sporting Goods
Oh No! at Old Navy 
I was really disappointed with Old Navy.  There was a ton of stylish options, just not any for Mavs fans.  In fact, I was perhaps most impressed with an adorable Spurs t-shirt, which would go over like a fart in church in Dallas.

Cute shirts...none for a Mavs fan at Old Navy

More t-shirt options at Old Navy
There was not a single Mavs t-shirt for women or girls.  There was one Mavs tee (in blue) for boys, which again, does a 5'11 mother and 2-year old baby girl no good.

Urban Outfitters
Both the Mockingbird Station and Northpark Center locations offered big bags of nothing.  I DID find this Texas Rangers t-shirt which made me giggle.

The "Dallas" Rangers t-shirt at Urban Outfitters
It has the Rangers "T" superimposed over the Dallas skyline.  Umm....Do you think the designers have any clue that the Rangers play in Arlington?  Then again, does Arlington have a skyline?

The Mavs Pro-Shop at Northpark Center
Again, not much luck.  The Mavs pro-shop offered the usual offerings of obnoxious pink t-shirts and jerseys.  I'm so out on the stereotypical cheesy pink t-shirt.  Remember on this night, I wanted something in green.  There was one cute gray shirt featuring the words "MAVS" in green.  The only sizes offered were small and large, which didn't work for me.

The double negative?  There was no dressing room.  The sales associate told me I could "try it on in the bathroom" which, oddly enough, smelled just as badly as the Mavs locker room does after a double overtime game. Not lovely.

What to Do and Where to Buy
Here's the thing: I realize many Mavs fans who are sportsgals are going to a game after work during the week. They likely won't be wearing a Dirk jersey to the office.  But on the chance that they need something stylish with a team logo on it, where do they find it?

Junk Food Dallas Mavericks Ladies T-Shirt
Online seems the best bet.  I found good stuff at and, the majority of which I wasn't able to find in stores.

Don't have time to browse online yourself?  Here is some decent logo apparel:

Dallas Mavericks Women's Look Book

DISCLAIMER: this is by NO means a thoroughly scientific investigation of the t-shirt offerings by area retailers. It's simply an account of one woman's mad dash to find something stylish yet not cheesy and slutty to wear to the game.

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