Monday, April 14, 2014

Dallas Stars Accessories

With both the Dallas Stars AND the Dallas Mavericks back in the playoffs, this is what Spring in Dallas should be.  When you factor in the NFL Draft and the golf tournaments coming in May, this makes for the best time of year if you're a sports fan.

It's been a drought for the Stars.  When they take the ice against the Ducks on Wednesday in Anaheim, it will mark their first playoff game since May 19, 2008 when names like Turco, Modano, Richards and Morrow played for Dallas.

Are the Stars back on your radar now?  Here are some accessories to get you back in the game.  If you're a sports gal or are looking for stylish Stars gear for your favorite female fan, read this.

Whatever you do, please don't go for the douche-y flat billed hat.
If you're over 21 or are not a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez, just avoid at all costs.

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