Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Texas Rangers Accessories

Texas Rangers fans "look" the part more than any supporters of other DFW teams.  Mavs, Cowboys and, to some extent, Stars fans tend to dress up.  They don't break out the jerseys and t-shirts too often.  Rangers fans, though, will bring it in the form of t-shirts, jerseys, hats, bags, the whole deal.

What if you're not going to the game but still want to show you're a Texas Rangers fan?  There are a plethora of items available to have you looking the part.

Texas Rangers Woven Ladies Scarf, $24.95.

I love scarves and think Texas Rangers scarf is PERFECT for Spring/Fall games when the temperature gets cooler.  I searched an entire day for a Dallas Mavericks scarf when I was heading to the Mavs/Celtics game. Alas, no luck.  Read more about that futile fashion search here

Here are a few more accessories for men, women and babies:

Texas Rangers Ladies Silver Heart Bracelet

Texas Rangers Brown Leather Belt, $34.95

Texas Rangers Men's Boxer Shorts, $16.95
Texas Rangers Men's Boxer Shorts, $16.95

Texas Rangers Toddler Bow

Texas Rangers Bib, $8.95
There are more cute bibs here, here (a girl's!) and here.

And finally....these: 

Because, let's be honest, who doesn't need Texas Rangers nail tattoos.

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