Thursday, June 26, 2014

That Sports Girl Dictionary: Flopdickin'

"Quit flopdickin' around!"
"John should be focusing at practice, instead he's just flopdickin'."

This is perhaps one of my most favorite words in the entire world.   It perfectly sums up the act of slacking on the job in a way which no other word can.

The fabulous Dave Campo introduced me (and anyone who watched HBO's Hard Knocks) to the term when he was the Cowboys head coach from 2000-2002.  Campo would scream "Quit flopdickin' around!" at players during practice when they weren't as focused as they needed to be. His ire was generally directed to the Hambrick brothers, either Darren or Troy.

Something to Consider:
A friend asked a poignant question about the term:

"Is that the opposite of floppin' dick? I saw that on time on the National Geographic Channel."


Wondering what it means? 
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