Thursday, June 19, 2014

That Sports Girl Dictionary: Jocksniffer

Jocksniffer - /JOCK-sniff-er/ - noun
An individual or person who enjoys being around athletes (professional or collegiate) for the sake of simply being around athletes.  This person will seek out opportunities to be in close proximity of said athletes and then proceed to brag to his or her friends that he/she was "hangin' with Dez (Bryant) this weekend".

The origins of this term are unknown.  I first heard it when interned for the Houston Rockets during the 94-95 season but there are numerous individuals who take credit for it.

"Drake is the ultimate jockniffer.  Just ask Johnny Manziel."

Alternative use:
Jocksniffing - /JOCK-sniff-ing/ - verb
The act of lingering near or around athletes, generally exerting way too much effort in the exercise.

"Larry spent the entire round of golf jocksniffing Tony Romo."

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