Thursday, June 12, 2014

All You Need To Prepare For The 2014 World Cup

Paris, Fifa, Eiffel Tower
FIFA Fan Fest in Paris, 2010
During the last World Cup, I was in Barcelona and Paris, which held a FIFA Fan Fest at the base of the Eiffel Tower. It was a free watching party that, if you couldn't make it to South Africa in 2010, was the next best thing.

World Cup fever has embraced the globe.  The month-long soccer celebration began Thursday and will culminate in the championship match on July 13th.  Brazil is the first South American country to host it since Argentina did in 1978.  Argentina won on home soil that year.

official world cup soccer ball
2014 Official Match Soccer Ball
There isn't much World Cup parity, with only eight teams having ever won. England, France and defending champion Spain have each won once. Argentina and Uruguay have won twice. West Germany has won three times, Italy four while Brazil has hoisted the trophy five times.

Here is a 2014 World Cup primer.  Here is a complete schedule.

From the WAGS to the players' uniforms, soccer is one of the most fashionable sports in the world.
Scroll through to browse some jerseys each country will be wearing:

There is so much World Cup swag on the market. Most of it is perfectly on trend, like this Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt.

Some of it is heinous, like this Versace shirt. eyes are bleeding. My daughter could have done a better job coloring that.  If you're looking to go beyond the jersey and add some World Cup style to your wardrobe, there is plenty of stuff from which to choose.

Scroll through to browse fun World Cup finds:

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