Monday, July 7, 2014

That Sports Girl x Outline The Sky Giveaway

Me wearing the Dallas Racerback T-Shirt and the Dallas Classic Ladies T-Shirt
I fell in love with Outline The Sky's stylish t-shirts when I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole one day in June. You know what I mean: you just start scrolling feeds and all of a sudden an hour has passed and that work you were supposed to get done is still sitting there.

New York OUtline the Sky T-shirt
New York Ladies T-Shirt
Outline The Sky's t-shirts are exactly that: outlines of your favorite city's skyline. They have designs for Austin, New York, New Orleans, Seattle and more. You name it. They can pretty much do it. The cotton is baby soft and perfect for jogs on the Katy Trail and cocktails at the Katy Trail Ice House afterwards.

Dallas Men's Outline the Sky T-Shirt
Dallas Men's T-Shirt
Of course when I saw the Dallas one I was smitten. Long story short, I contacted the co-founder, Dallas native Palmer Dean. Turns out, our paths crossed when he interned for the Mavericks (during the championship season, no less).

outline the fort worth sky t-shirt
Fort Worth Ladies T-Shirt
Two MFFL's and Dallas natives? We had to partner on a giveaway and it's a good one. Outline The Sky is giving away a t-shirt of your choice to a lucky That Sports Girl reader.

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Good luck! 


  1. Does it make me too much of a suck up if I say I love it all? Really though! I enjoy hearing what you have to say about DFW-based sports (Rangers, especially). All the content on your blog that I've seen so far has been right up my alley! Who says ladies can't be sports fans AND actually have a good time shopping?!

  2. Deals, Sales & Steals for sure! I would never turn down more information that saves me money! lol


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