Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gameday Dresses Perfect For College Football Games

There are a few approaches you can take when it comes to dressing for college football games but two dominate: wearing branded gear or dressing in team colors. I personally prefer the latter but the cool thing is that fashion designers are listening to what female fans want and offering plenty of options for those who want to stay stylish while rooting for their favorite school.
University of Houston Gameday Dress
University of Houston Gameday Dress

For this post, let's focus on branded dresses which have the school's mascot or name on them. These tend to be pricier because designers must pay licensing fees to the NCAA for the right to use a school's name or logo.

You see there are some options ranging from a revealing tube dress to a more conservative wrap dress.

North Texas Gameday Boots, Texas Tech Gameday boots
North Texas and Texas Tech Gameday Boots
Don't hate me Texas Tech, North Texas & SMU fans. I couldn't find a single dress with the school name or logo on it. Anywhere.

I did find stylish gameday cowboy boots that would work perfectly with these any of these dresses. Even found them for SMU.

Branded gear used to be strictly all about the pink jersey. But if you do some work (and you have to do it) you can find good-looking gameday dresses to represent your favorite school.

Stay tuned for other gameday dress ideas.

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