Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Cheat Sheet: Hanz and Franz Return, Pam Oliver Opens Up & The Seahawks Fumble The National Anthem

Happy NFL Weekend! Thank GOD football is back. Spend one minute. Watch the State Farm commercial featuring the return of Hans and Franz "training" with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Brilliant.

The defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks showed no mercy against Green Bay in their 36-16 win the first game of the season Thursday night.

Seahawks Ariana Grande Tweet

Singer Ariana Grande nailed it with her moving national anthem. The Seahawks took to Twitter to offer their appreciation but fumbled the lyrics themselves. Needless to say that Tweet was subsequently deleted.

From a thing of beauty to thing of......we'll let you decide. Did you hear boxer Manny Pacquiao sing his tribute to the NFL. It might make your dogs howl but will definitely make your morning.

Have you browsed the latest round of NFL Dopplegangers?

You have to read Pam Oliver's account of moving from Fox Sports "A" NFL team. It's a story I can relate to. All too well. Anyone who gets into the TV business must prepare for an eventual departure. That exit is rarely on your own terms. If you're an aspiring sports broadcaster or know one, understand this: there is a shelf life.

Hey. Cowboys. 49er's. Season opener. Here's your GameDay Style Guide.

On the college front, I have my eye on the SMU/North Texas game.

Did you see the best looks of the weekend from the first week of college football? You need to. Send your best of the weekend to me on Twitter or Instagram.

What About You?
What games are you watching this weekend? Share your plans in the comments section.

I'm in Austin for an event Friday night and will take in the pregame festivities before the BYU/Texas game. Hang with me on Instagram for some of the revelry.

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