Thursday, September 4, 2014

NFL Dopplegangers

The Bleacher Reporter takes a look at NFL dopplegangers, leading off with Lions chubby-cheeked quarterback Matt Stafford and actor Haley Joel Osment. Scary similarity. Also Common and Matt Forte are twinkies. I think they missed one, though:
Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and actor Ken Marino (AKA Guy Young from "Eastbound and Down" ...I miss that show) share a resemblance. Marino could be Cutler's older brother, no?

Marino has a new TV show debuting on NBC this fall called "Marry Me". Cutler, I would think, has a bit more pressure on him. Earning $22.5 million, he'll be the highest paid player in the NFL this year, sparking all sorts of "what does Cutler need to do for the Bears to get a return on their investment" dialog.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo could write a book on that discussion.

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