Friday, September 12, 2014

The Friday Cheat Sheet: LeSean McCoy Explains Tip, Fun With Nicknames and More

From Ray Rice to Ron Washington, it's a been a headline-grabbing week. Here are some stories you might have missed.
charlie sheen, lesean mccoy

LeSean McCoy Explains 20 Cent Tip
The Eagles running back has been tip shamed all over the internet. So much so that Charlie Sheen pledged $1000 to the waiter who received a 20-cent pittance from McCoy who has explained the reason for the tip. Sorta:

"A 20-cent tip is kind of a statement. You can't disrespect somebody and expect them to tip you. I don't care who the person is. That's why I left my card so they could see my name."

McCoy didn't explain how he was disrespected but did add that he's glad Charlie Sheen is finally "doing something positive".

Curious: what's your tipping philosophy? I usually double the amount and leave 20%.

Kenny Hill Wants To Trademark Nickname
First Johnny Manziel's parents tried to trademark the nickname "Johnny Football", now Kenny Hill's parents want to trademark the nickname Kenny Trill but turns out some troll from Lousiana filed a trademark for the name as soon as Hill said he liked the nickname.

Oh No He Didn't
Rory McIlroy believes that Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson are "into the last few holes of their careers".  Strong words in this "let's not say a damn thing" media climate. Let's see, Woods is 38 and Mickelson is 44. Rory's right.

Connect With ARod
Looks like Alex Rodriguez has a LinkedIn profile. As of Thursday morning he has zero connections. Would you accept his connection request?

Fun With Nicknames
From the Hutto Hippos to the New Braunfels Unicorns, I love a good nickname. How about the Conway Wampus Cats, Mars Area Fighting Planets or Webster University Gorloks? Here are more of the strangest mascot nicknames around.

I feel terrible for anyone who plays for Yuma. They're Criminals. Really.

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