Monday, October 27, 2014

That Sports Girl Crush: CoveRumps

coveRumps review

At a hair under 6 feet tall, I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit. My height is in my torso which means I am constantly struggling to find tops long enough to cover everything when I wear jeans or pants.

Yes, I have been that woman wearing jeans with my underwear exposed when sitting down thanks to a too-short shirt. Sorry, don't hate.

Enter coveRumps, a Kentucky-based company that solves the problem not just for the chick with the long torso but for any woman who needs a bit more coverage in the rump or simply wants to add a colorful layer to her look.

White Amelia coveRumps
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The cotton jersey layering piece is shaped like a small mini-skirt. You can slip it under a t-shirt to add extra length to a top, wear it over leggings when you're running around town and don't want to be too exposed or even pair it with a colorful top for a perfect gameday outfit.

coveRumps review
Wearing the black Amelia coveRump
Added bonus? It provides an extra layer of coverage underneath super-sheer t-shirts. You know the kind that expose every bulge? Yeah. coveRumps act as a nice cotton buffer without adding any bulk. I love how smooth it looks in the picture above. You barely notice the coverRump but, trust me on this, when I sit down no one will be pointing out that I'm the desperate mom with her unmentionables popping out (if you know what I mean).

coverRumps come in a variety of patterns and styles, starting at $28 per piece. You can get your coveRump monogrammed for $5.

*coveRumps provided product samples for review. All opinions expressed here are mine.
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