Thursday, October 2, 2014

Alright Alright Alright: Matthew McConaughey Visits Texas Practice

You gotta love Matthew McConaughey. He gives the Texas football team a pep talk in a way only he can with textbook McConaugh-speak.


He even took a few questions and we find out that his favorite movie he ever made was the 2012 coming of age flick Mud.  Good movie but I'm partial to Magic Mike (Of course I am). Sadly, he's not slated to be in the sequel.  

I'm also digging his Texas Longhorns raglan shirt. I can't find the exact one he's wearing but did find a similar short sleeve one.

What's your favorite McConaughey performance? There are so many to choose from: True Detective, Dallas Buyer's Club. Share your favorite in the comments section. 

Score Texas Longhorns Gear Here

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