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How To Survive TX/OU Saturday Without A Hangover, Sunburn Or Indigestion

Bevo, TX/OU
Jordan entranced with Bevo

First off, if you're a Sooners fan, don't hate. I know this matchup is called "OU/Texas" north of the Red River. I'm a Texan. From Dallas. Deal with it.

I have no horses in this race and have actually been manhandled and accosted more times by the University of Texas PR staff more than any other individuals in my life while in the pursuit of an interview. So despite the fact my husband went to Texas and is brainwashing my daughter to head that way, I generally give the Sooners an edge.

I respect the crap out of Bob Stoops. He has always been super-nice to me after I did a story on his wife becoming a Mary Kay top producer in the early 2000's. True story: he told me he's driven her pink Cadillac to practice.

Moving on. Here's your Texas/OU gameday survival guide.

TX/OU Weekend, What You Need To Know Before You Go:
Kickoff is 11am. Parking is a bitch (map here). Try to use DART if you can. Here is the TX/OU gameday schedule.

Get there early. Traffic is always a ratf&%k getting into Fair Park on TX/OU Saturday.

cotton bowl purse policy, cotton bowl bag policy, fair park purse policy
Cotton Bowl at Fair Park Purse Policy
The Cotton Bowl has adopted a purse policy similar to AT&T Stadium's. Any of these purses will work. I also love the marriage of function and style you get with Barrington's Stadium Crossbody bag which comes in TX and OU colors GiGi New York's Madison Crossbody bag is also great for games yet stylish enough to be carried everywhere. Both the Stadium Crossbody and Madison Crossbody can be monogrammed with your initials. LOVE!

Wear sunscreen
You'll be in the sun all day. Protect yourself. Elta MD's UV Tinted Daily with SPF 40 is a phenomenal tinted sunscreen that doesn't clog your pores. If you're going to wear a full face of makeup, I like Skin Authority's sunscreen under my foundation because it's not too heavy.

Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking. A lot.
GameDay Boots are super comfortable. They come in Texas & OU versions. Yosi Samra ballet flats are also ideal for long days of walking. Yosi Samra even has some in Texas burnt orange and OU crimson. Guys have it so easy. They can wear anything.

Fletchers Corny Dog, 2014 State Fair of Texas
Image via Twitter.com/FletchersDogs
Caffeinate and pace yourself
Drink coffee in the morning to wake up and get going but don't eat much for breakfast, if anything at all. It will be a long day. You'll be eating Fletcher's Corny Dogs at 10am and who knows what other fried fat bombs. Pace yourself on the food front. Enjoy anything you want but don't do it all in one sitting (or standing). The result is never pretty.

Drink plenty of water so you're not wasted by 6pm. Half the fun of TX/OU weekend is the action all over Uptown on Saturday night. Don't get too tipsy. Use a cab or Uber if you fear DART after dark.

Most importantly, have fun.
Enjoy every minute of it if you're going to game. It's one of the best experiences in college football. Click here for information on more TX/OU revelry throughout the weekend. One of my favorite traditions is a TX/OU party at Fair park at 8am on Saturday followed by my once-yearly date with Snuffer's cheese fries on Sunday afternoon. It might my secret hangover cure. Might.....

Are you going to the game or to the fair on Saturday? Prediction? Are you more focused on another game? (Baylor/TCU, anyone?)

Share your Saturday plans in the comments section. Click here for more Texas gameday looks and here for more Oklahoma ideas.

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