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Stylish Dallas Mavericks Game Gear

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Dallas Mavs Dancers Sequel, Bonnie, Your Truly, Kathryn (those Lucchese boots!) and Kassandra 

Mavericks games are a stylish affair. You can dress to the nines for them and no one will blink an eye. In my eight years of doing pre- and post-game shows and 15 years of covering the team, I saw fans as well as players and coaches wives sport the latest runway looks.

It's easy to dress up for Mavs games because, many times, fans are coming from work. If you're looking for something stylish with a Mavs logo on it, that had been a challenge in the past. I lamented as much earlier this year when I blogged about my inability to find something stylish to wear to the Mavs/Celtics game. I found Nets, Lakers, Heat, even Spurs and Celtics gear but nothing that was fashion-forward or something I would actually want to wear that had a Mavs logo on it.  

The Mavericks have made an outstanding effort to change that. 

"Women had been forgotten about in the sporting industry," Mavericks Director of Merchandising Alison Panasik told me.

"I wanted to push the envelope and search for those brands that I would wear but tweak it and make it Mavericks-related in a subtle way."

It has worked. 

The team partnered with the Stars to open The Hangar, a co-branded retail space that offers fashion-forward lines which are incredibly versatile. You'll see Peace Love World, Lucchese, SportiqeGameday Couture and more. The Hangar also carries accessories such hair ties, scarves and shoes. 

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I love everything about this look. Most of us could wear it to work and then straight to the game. It's the perfect way to support the Mavs in style at work and at a game or watching party. 

Dallas Mavericks shirt, dallas mavericks apparel, dallas mavericks women's clothing

dallas mavericks women's raglan t-shirt, dallas mavericks women's clothing

Both of these Rubee Couture tops feature Alexander McQueen-esque skull detailing. You could wear either of these looks to a game or out afterwards. They're also great for a casual day of running errands. 

Dallas Mavericks women's turtleneck, dallas mavericks women's clothing

This is Sportiqe hooded tunic is fabulous paired with Mavs leggings and is ideal for cooler weather. 

Rubee Couture T-Shirt, Dallas Mavericks Women's Apparel

This Rubee Couture t-shirt works well with the Mavericks cardigan which is a perfect accessory for cold offices. 

The Hanger Victory Park is open 10am-6pm, Monday through Saturday and Sundays 12-5pm during the season. The Hangar North, located in the northwest corner of the American Airlines Center, is only open on game nights starting two hours before tip-off and one hour after the game ends.

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