Thursday, November 20, 2014

Diet & Fitness News You Can Use For The Holidays

how to avoid holiday weight gain

That indulgent season is here, friends. I'm trying to fight the good food fight, too, and keep my waistline in check while still enjoying wonderful meals over the next few weeks.

To help you (and me!) stay focused and not put on extra pounds here are few things to keep in mind during the holidays:

You Can't Outrun The Fork
Sorry, but you can't exercise away a bad diet. I gained weight while training for marathons because I would eat three cookies a day.

Chipotle Burrito Nutrition, Chipotle nutrition
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A relatively "healthy" Chipotle burrito with chicken, brown rice has 700 calories. That's more than what you can burn in most hour-long workouts. Exercise can help you diminish the damage done by an indulgent meal but it doesn't negate it. (Tweet this). Read more here.

Sugar Is The Diet Devil 
Australian filmmaker Damon Gameau adopted a diet of low-fat and supposedly "healthy" food. You know, the prepackaged low-fat, high-sugar stuff that was so popular in the 90's? Within three weeks he went to the doctor after feeling sluggish. Turns out he was beginning to develop fatty liver disease.

Gameau claimed he had "no soft drink, chocolate, ice cream or confectionery." Low-fat foods like yogurts, muesli bars, cereals, fruit juices and sports drinks made up the bulk of his diet.

That's kind of scary. I lived on that stuff in college. This story will shock you. Read more here.

The Med Is Best
If you know anything about me, you know I love the Mediterranean approach to eating for it's practicality and deliciousness. Turns out adopting this way of eating can help you lose some pounds before Thanksgiving. Try adopting principles of the Mediterranean diet the week before Thanksgiving. Think plant-based food and incorporate fish, olive oils, nuts, wine and chocolate (fo realz!). By starting NOW you could drop a couple pounds before the holiday. Learn more about this here.

I say eat this way all year round. You love it!

The LeBron Diet
Remember how LeBron James lost all that weight?

A photo posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

He ate fish, meat, fruit and vegetables (not starchy ones) and avoided booze, processed food and dairy for 67 days. Nothing groundbreaking here. Sounds sort of Paleo-light. Some folks in the Cleveland area tried it. Here's how they fared. 

Diets That Don't Make You Hungry
I remember when the Atkins Diet craze had everyone saying "I'm never hungry!" Yeah, because you're stuffing yourself with meat.

Anyway, there are some weight loss diets that can help you drop pounds without starving. Turns out one of them is...wait for it....the Atkins Diet. Others include "low energy diets". Read all about this here.

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