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5 Ways To Have A Healthier Week: Lefty Goes Paleo, All The Exercise Gifs You'll Ever Need & More

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The Paleo Diet was the most Google diet in 2014. Everyone's seem to be Paleo-curious in some form or fashion. Golfer Phil Mickelson is going Paleo. He didn't win a tournament in for the first time since 2003 last season so he's doing all he can to change that this season.

Are you Paleo-curious? Here are 5 easy ways to get started on the Paleo diet.  Your dog can even go Paleo. I'm not kidding.

Here are all the exercise GIFs you will ever need. 

Exercise keeps you young. In fact, according to experts, physical activity makes your body function more like a young person's. Here's proof. 


Just how tough is it to give up sugar? Tougher than giving up sex? Yes, according to one writer. You know what, I kinda believe her. I'm a sugar addict. I have some every day and am constantly trying to stop, something I definitely can't say about the other thing. Thing is there is sugar in almost everything, even in places you wouldn't think: crackers, tomato sauce, frozen dinners, all of it.

I chew sugar-free gum and try to avoid sugar at all costs but I am a dessert freak. I can say no to most indulgences but things like cookies from J.D.'s Chippery break me every time. My solution: I don't keep those things in the house. If I want one I have to go buy it.

The best trick to give up sugar - go cold turkey. When you eat it you crave it like crazy. It really does react like a drug, according to scientists. I have found that if I avoid sugar one day (no candy, processed food or even sugary "bars") I have amazing energy the next.

Do you have any tips for curtailing your sugar cravings? 

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