Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year...New Workout & Exercise Gear

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Sometimes all you need is a new look to get motivated to hit the gym. It sounds simplistic but when you look good you feel good. My husband gave me a new workout outfit for Christmas and I adore it. I have worn it and washed it at least five times and love wearing it to the gym.

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New year....new workout gear! 

If exercising more is one of your resolutions, think about updating your 2015 workout gear. There is a ton of cute activewear on sale from the likes of Old NavyLucy, Target and Athleta (click the links for more or shop the post below). Nordstrom also has stylish finds.

2015 Workout Clothing Trends
In terms of what you will see this year, it's gear with a purpose. Smart clothing is big. This Hexoskin Biometric shirt (both men's & women's available) measures your body's performance while exercising, working and sleeping. It also measures your heart and lung activity and sends the data to your smartphone. At $399, it's not cheap but I bet you will see this become more affordable. Athos has clothing that shows you exactly how hard you're working out. This is gamechanging gear, friends.

Graphic tees are also big because they can serve as motivation. Old Navy (Can you tell I'm crushing) has some great ones that can inspire you.

2015 Workout Trends
I feel workout trends are basically the same year after year. The ACSM says high intensity interval training, body weight training, functional fitness and yoga are part of the 20 trends for 2015. Haven't those been trends for at least the last few years? Yoga and "functional fitness" are nothing new.

According to one report, Zumba is on the decline. I have no rhythm and can't do Zumba. I tried it once and failed. Miserably.

What About You? 
What's on your exercise agenda in 2015? Anything you want to try for the first time this year? Please share in the comments section.

I got into barre classes in 2014 and fell in love with them. My big thing last year was to take more classes because, at times, I can go through the motions during my workouts. This year, I want to continue to challenge myself with classes and do a maximum of two "go through the motions" workout (reading while on the elliptical) a week.

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