Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Best Selling Players Jerseys By State

Best selling players jerseys by state, throwback jerseys

Mitchell & Ness is a clothing company that specializes in throwback and retro gear. They also put together some fascinating research that piqued my interest. Using their 2014 sales data they determined which retro jerseys were most popular in each state.

Not surprisingly the Cowboys dominate Texas. The bestselling retro jersey for our fair state? Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman's 1995 jersey. Interestingly, Roger Staubach's 1971 jersey is the most popular throwback in, of all places, Montana.

The most popular jersey overall? Lakers guard Kobe Bryant's old-school #8. Although, his is NOT the bestselling one in California ironically. That honor goes to 49er's great Joe Montana.

I love jersey talk. Somewhere, though, I hear the great Randy White telling me (as he always would on Sunday morning before Cowboys Gameday) "Stats are for losers!"

Do you own any of these? I don't. But I have a collection of custom jerseys that competes with my shoe collection for closet space. These are truly #sportsgirlproblems.

Click HERE to see Mitchell & Ness' guide to each state's favorite.
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