Monday, January 4, 2021

Hermès Kelly Wallet Review

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Wallets are tough, aren't they? They're something we use almost daily to host our cash, credit cards and coins. Beyond that they hold receipts, stamps, loyalty cards and all the other crap we tend to accumulate over the days, weeks and months. 

Wallets really are the central nervous system of your handbag which is why finding the right one is so key.

They're so important yet they usually get a tertiary consideration, at best. Throughout my life, I've spent too much time hunting down the perfect wallet. I owned a Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet (here's my Zippy Wallet review)...until it got stolen in a smash-and-grab at my daughter's school. It was a fabulous wallet that I was open to purchasing again but then I stumbled across this Kelly wallet. 

Hermes Kelly Wallet

I was thrilled to find my Hermès Ghillies Kelly Wallet for sale during a December 2020 auction from Heritage Auctions. It wasn't perfect aesthetically (which you can see in the video) but it has been exceptional for holding all of my stuff in a clean, sleek manner. 

Hermes Kelly Ghillies Wallet Review

If you're considering an investment wallet, the Hermès Kelly wallet is a smart choice. My Kelly Wallet review video has everything you need to know plus details on how I purchased it. 

Hermes Kelly Wallet Review -
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Question - What has been the best wallet for you? Please let me know in the comments section. 

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