Monday, September 4, 2017

Lune & Aster CC Cream Review

Lune & aster CC Cream, Lune & Aster CC Cream Review

Need to Know:

Lune + Aster's CC Cream is the ideal double duty beauty product. It provides wonderful, lightweight coverage while also delivering a strong sun protection factor: SPF 50, babes!

It contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid (a skin plumper) and sea buckthorn, which is said to promote skin elasticity. 
Saturday, September 2, 2017

Purse & Bag Policy 101: Everything You Need to Know

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If you're going to a football game, sporting event or other event, like a concert, at a sports venue, chances are that there is a purse policy in place that limits what you an bring into the facility. 

The policies are pretty clear (no pun intended): unless you have a medical necessity, your bag needs to be either small or clear. 

Finding stylish and functional small or clear purses and bags that you can carry into sporting events can be a challenge. The small purses usually don't hold anything while the clear ones are cheaply made.

Purse and bag policies are here to stay. The NFL instituted a purse and bag policy at its venues in 2013 . More and more college football stadiums, soccer venues, the PGA tour and other sports properties are implementing them as well.

These exist for a variety of reason but the primary one is clear: it makes the admission process easier. It takes stadium security too much time to search through a big, dark bag. That, in turn, creates a bottleneck at entry. A small bag or clear larger one is easier and faster to check.