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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Purse & Bag Policy 101: Everything You Need to Know

nfl purse policy, ncaa purse policy, sec purse policy
From top to bottom: Ruby Faux Leather Bag | Dooney & Burke Texas Foldover Crossbody | Dooney & Burke Dallas Cowboys Daphne Crossbody Wallet | Gucci Supermini GG Marmont Matelasse Bag | Kate Spade Cameron Street Mini Bag | Tory Burch Parker Chain Wallet
Finding stylish and functional small purses and bags that you can carry into NCAA and NFL football games is a challenge. The purses usually don't hold anything and are cheaply made.

Here's what I know: purse and bag policies are here to stay. The NFL instituted a purse and bag policy in 2013. More and more college football stadiums are implementing them as well.

Simply put, it makes the admission process easier. It takes stadium security too much time to search through a big, dark bag, which creates a bottleneck at entry. A small bag is easier and faster to check.
Thursday, October 1, 2015

25 NFL & NCAA Purse Policy Approved Bags

NFL Purse & Bag policy, NFL Purse Rule, SMU Purse Rule

Purse and bag policies at sporting events are here to stay. From NFL stadiums to colleges (Hello, SMU), restrictive purse policies limit the type and size of bag you can carry into a game. This also applies to all non-sporting events held at an NFL venue. Going to a concert at AT&T Stadium? That tiny purse policy applies. The PGA Tour also has a restrictive bag policy.

Officials says it's about safety. Sure, that plays into it but it also gets fans into the venue quicker and eliminates that bottleneck at entry gates.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

What To Wear To A Golf Tournament

what to wear to a golf tournament, what to wear to a pga tournament.
Click on any item to get details on it! 

Golf season is here. The PGA Tour makes two stops in Dallas/Fort Worth in May with the Dean & Deluca Invitational May 26th-29th and the AT&T Byron Nelson May 19th-22nd. I'm thrilled to be moderating the PGA Tour's Executive Women's Day panels at both tournaments against this year.

I am constantly asked what to wear to a golf tournament. When it comes to dressing for these events, consider style and comfort. You will be walking a few miles in the sun. To that end, you need wear comfortable shoes and lots of sunscreen. Those are key factors to enjoying a day on the course.

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Comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice your style. You can go dressy or super-casual and still look great by using the two looks you see here as inspiration.

Keep in mind PGA tournaments have specific rules on what you can bring onto a course, including purses and bags. Here's a list of the PGA Tour's prohibited and permitted items. Check out my purse policy page for more bags that fit within the PGA Tour AND NFL's purse policies.

I own this Barrington Gifts Crossbody! Perfect for any sporting event. Comes in thousands of team color combinations!

Barrington Gifts Stadium Crossbody is the perfect bag for golf tournaments, football games and any other sporting event. It fits perfectly within any purse policy. Click HERE to see my review of the bag. 
Monday, August 4, 2014

What To Wear To The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is this week at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, KY. As one of golf's major championships, it's a chance to dress up just a bit more than most tournaments. 
What To Wear To A PGA Golf Tournament

To that end, it's still a golf tournament. It's not the Kentucky Derby or a night out. I think "Athletic Chic" is the perfect aesthetic to keep in mind if you're heading to a tournament. 

That's not a limiting concept. You can still wear stylish dresses, cute shorts and tank tops or even something more traditionally considered "golf attire". 
Golf Tournament Do's
  • Bring a small bag. PGA Tour events have a restrictive purse policy. Bags must be smaller than 6"x 6".
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your face, hands, neck and arms. I love Elta MD's or Skin Authority's. Learn more about Elta MD here or Skin Authority here.
  • Wear a hat, if you're so inclined. Not only does it shield your face from the sun, it's also a homage to the Kentucky Derby, the home of fabulous millinery. 
Golf Tournament Don'ts
LOVE these Gucci sandals, just not for a golf tournament.
  • Don't wear hoochie shoes, stilettos or strappy platform sandals with a pointy heel. They'll sink into the grass and make you look like an amateur. Go with wedge heels or a nice espadrille.
  • Don't wear a fanny pack. Seriously. I don't know why I have to reiterate this but I see them repeatedly at golf tournaments. 
  • Don't sport crazy, patterned shirts or things with wild logos on it. The HP Byron Nelson Championship is known for having ladies from local strip clubs walk the course with their clubs' logo emblazoned across the front. That's fine. For them. For you, go a little classier. Save the logo swag for another event. 
  • It bears repeating: DON'T forget about the purse policy. I have friends who have had their bags confiscated. TIP: you can squeeze a malleable bag to get it within the 6-inch rule (about the length of a dollar bill). I have done this a few times to squeeze my Chanel Wallet-on-a-Chain into events.
Browse These PGA Tour-Approved Purses

Shop Golf Tournament Looks

Friday, June 6, 2014

What You Need To Know If You're Heading To The George Strait Concert At AT&T Stadium

If you're going to the George Strait concert at AT&T Stadium on June 7th, the Cowboys' purse and bag policy WILL apply.

tory burch, purse, shoulder bag, mini fleming
Tory Burch's Mini Fleming Leather Shoulder Bag Is Allowed

"Everything at the stadium falls under our purse policy," according to AT&T Stadium spokesperson Bret Daniels.

That means every game whether it be NFL, NCAA or high school, every concert, every soccer match, EVERYTHING. Your opaque bag must be no larger than 5.5" x 8.5" to be allowed into the stadium.

Here is some handbag inspiration to help you figure out what works.

NFL Bag Policy, AT&T Purse Policy, NFL Purse Policy

From L to R: Valentino Rockstud Mini Crossbody (I LOVE this calf hair version) | Small Prada Crossbody | Ferragamo Ginny Crossbody YSL Cassandre Crossbody | Tory Burch Mini Fleming Shoulder Bag (comes in many colors) | Tory Burch Mini Harper Crossbody (also cute in black) | Ferragamo Paris Crossbody | Danielle Nicole Libby Convertible Crossbody

If you attend a lot of events where purse and bag policies are in play, I would suggest getting one bag that works. I have a Chanel Wallet on a Chain I use for each game, along with a clear, quart-size Ziplock I use as Jordan's diaper bag.

I am always updating my Gameday Fashion and Cowboys Fashion boards on Pinterest.  Follow them for a constant stream of bags that will work for both the NFL & PGA Tour's purse policy.

AT&T Stadium Purse Policy TIP:
To determine if your purse will be allowed into AT&T Stadium, simply fold an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper in half.  If your bag is smaller than that, it's good to go.

Here are some weekend sales you need to know about:
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Purses You Can Carry At The Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

If you have ever browsed this blog, you know I'm all about gameday style and helping you navigate the wonky world of sporting events.  The purse policy police aren't making it any easier.

Diane von Furstenberg Micro Mini Metallic Crossbody
Diane von Furstenberg Micro Mini Metallic Crossbody 
The PGA Tour has a new purse policy.  It's limiting.  Here is what you need to know.  Here are some handbag suggestions I offered for the HP Byron Nelson Championship.  Each of those bags will work for this week's Crowne Plaze Invitational at Colonial, although some of them you might have to squeeze to fit within the 6"x6" size restrictions.

Here are additional bags that are perfect for a PGA tournament:

For help with "What to wear to the game" or golf tournament, check out my "What to Wear to the Game" board on Pinterest
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Purses You Can Carry at the HP Byron Nelson Championship

If you haven't heard, the PGA Tour now has a purse policy.  It's similar to the NFL's in how limiting the size restriction is: 6"x6".  Yep.  The length and height of a dollar bill (which is a perfect six inches).

So if you're heading to the Nelson this week or the Colonial next weekend, here are some options that will work within those guidelines.

Fair warning: there's not much out there.  It's HARD to find items that are functional and stylish.  Trust me: I looked.

Some of the bags featured, like the smart Coach L-Zip wristlet and consignment Louis Vuitton pochettes, can only be purchased online.  If you order now you can get them by this weekend with rush shipping or in plenty of time for the Colonial.

Learn More About the Bags Featured in This Story 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learn How The PGA Tour's New Bag & Purse Policy Will Affect You

The PGA Tour is taking a page from the NFL and has implemented a new bag and purse policy for 2014 that restricts what patrons can bring into tournaments.

How will this affect you if you're heading to the HP Byron Nelson Championship May 11-18 or Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial May 19-25th?  Well, the policy is a bit more liberal than the NFL's because it allows opaque diaper bags, something the NFL prohibits.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette
Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette
The PGA Tour's purse restrictions call for tiny bags, though, allowing a bag that is 6"x6" or smaller.  Finding a purse 6 inches (roughly the length of a dollar bill) or smaller is tough. I scoured the internet for bags that work.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette works for just about any purse policy.  It measures at 5.5" wide and 3.7" tall.
small Prada crossbody bag
Prada Small Zip Saffiano Crossbody Bag
This small Prada crossbody bag is another stylish option.

Let me vent: This screams of another policy designed by a mostly male staff that has no clue about real world problems women face when it comes to carrying our crap.

Here is the actual policy:

PGA Tour Bag Guidelines, PGA Tour Purse Policy, PGA TOUR Bag Policy

For more information visit the PGA Tour's website.

This is Only the Beginning
Expect restrictive bag and purse policies to become to the norm.  Leagues and organizations claim that the policy is primarily for security, citing 2013's Boston Marathon bombing as the impetus for tighter restrictions.

One NFL source told me that these policies simply make the security screening process easier.  Meaning fans can get into the game quicker because bags are easier to check and security screeners have fewer judgement calls to make.

The source indicated he wouldn't be surprised if the NBA and MLB followed suit.

Shop Purses That Fit Within the PGA Tour's Purse Policy

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Gameday Purses You Can Take to Sunday's Cowboys/Rams Game

Since the NFL's new purse and bag policy went into effect, I have been on the lookout for stylish, yet functional clutch bags that work for NFL games.

Remember, the NFL limits the size of bags you can bring into games.  AT&T Stadium's policy is a bit more liberal, allowing a bag that is 5.5" x 8.5".  Use this brilliant trick to determine if your bag will be allowed into AT&T Stadium for Sunday's Cowboys/Rams game.

If you're not toting kids, I believe tiny clutch purses and cross body bags are the way to go when it comes to sporting events.  Here are three purses, that are perfect for Cowboys home games, college football games, golf tournaments and more:
Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Determine If Your Clutch Will Be Allowed into AT&T Stadium for Cowboys Games

Still confused by the NFL's bag and purse policy?

Tracy Kornet & I have the absolute perfect guideline for determining if your clutch bag will be allowed in AT&T Stadium for Cowboys games.  Here's a hint: all it takes is a piece of paper.

We also tackle the question: "Is the NFL's purse and policy anti-woman?"

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What to Wear to Sunday's Cowboys/Giants Season Opener

As the NFL regular season opener between the Cowboys and Giants approaches, stylists across Dallas/Fort Worth are being approached by women wondering:

"What should I wear to the game?"

Guys may scoff but any football-loving fashionistas know that looking the part while taking in the game is almost as important as how the team looks on the field.  (I'm saying the Cowboys will go 10-6 this year, btw).

Let's examine some designer looks that would work for Sunday night's game at AT&T Stadium.  This is one venue, along with New York's MetLife, in which you can't overdress.  You will see designer couture worthy of New York Fashion Week at both stadiums.

My Cowboys game uniform: a sheath dress & heels
Unless you're working the game, like I always am, forgo a dress.  These casual yet stylish looks can serve as inspiration for what to wear to Sunday's game:
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Purses That Work Within the NFL's New Bag/Purse Policy

The NFL's new handbag and purse policy is a bitch.  It limits what anyone can bring into any NFL stadium for a game.

Having said that, if you're simply going to any game (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) and not bringing a gaggle of kids, I ALWAYS suggest a small cross body bag.  These allow you to keep your hands free to clap, cheer, drink, flirt, text and more.  It's just easier.

AT&T Stadium's policy dictates that bags be no bigger than 5.5" high and 8.5" wide which is slightly larger than what the NFL rules allow. 

"The goal is to operate within reason," according to Cowboys corporate communications spokesman Brett Daniels.

Here are some cute purses that all fit within AT&T Stadium's policy:
Coach Madison Cross Body Bag.  This is a great bag that costs $198 and comes in four colors.

It's professional enough for work and perfect for the game.  You can keep this forever.

Kate Spade New York Brightspot Avenue Sally Crossbody Peony Pink for $158.00.  Tiny but packs an adorable punch.

Target has a stylish selection of cross body bags and clutches but the sizes are deceiving.  Make sure the bag fits within the 5.5 x 8.5 restrictions.   This Limited Edition Small Saddle Bag with Studs is biker-cool and perfect for a Cowboys game.  A steal at $22.99.

Looking for something a little more luxe to fit the scene at AT&T Stadium?  My friends at Bella Bag, an online luxury consignment reseller, have an entire blog dedicated to helping you find something that works.

I love any and all forms of a Chanel Wallet on a Chain bag.  This is a true investment purchase at $1589. 
Thursday, August 22, 2013

How the NFL's New Bag Policy Will Affect You

Once upon time you couldn't attend a game at Cowboys AT&T Stadium without seeing a bombshell bagsnob rocking a Birkin.   

hermes, birkin, green
Hermes Birkin

Attending a Thursday night affair at MetLife Stadium to watch the Giants?  Then you would see the entire Fall handbag line from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine and more.

No more, my fancy NFL-loving friends! (of which there are many, btw).

The league has instituted a new policy limiting the size of handbags and purses you can bring into ANY NFL stadium in effort make the games a safer experience.   

When going to a Cowboys game in Arlington, you can bring a clutch purse that is 5.5" "tall" by 8.5" "wide".  TIP: Use a folded piece of copy paper as a guide.  You can also bring a clear plastic tote bag or 1-gallon resealable bag.  Ugh. 

The Cowboys website offers a good infographic explaining what can be brought into AT&T Stadium.  The league has an extensive FAQ page on its site, as well

AT&T Stadium Purse/Bag Guidelines, AT&T Stadium Purse Policy, AT&T Stadium Bag Policy
AT&T Stadium Handbag & Purse Policy
The policy is already drawing the ire of loyal fans.  

Jeannette DeVader told me on Facebook that her first run-in with the policy wasn't so great.