Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learn How The PGA Tour's New Bag & Purse Policy Will Affect You

The PGA Tour is taking a page from the NFL and has implemented a new bag and purse policy for 2014 that restricts what patrons can bring into tournaments.

How will this affect you if you're heading to the HP Byron Nelson Championship May 11-18 or Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial May 19-25th?  Well, the policy is a bit more liberal than the NFL's because it allows opaque diaper bags, something the NFL prohibits.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette
Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette
The PGA Tour's purse restrictions call for tiny bags, though, allowing a bag that is 6"x6" or smaller.  Finding a purse 6 inches (roughly the length of a dollar bill) or smaller is tough. I scoured the internet for bags that work.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette works for just about any purse policy.  It measures at 5.5" wide and 3.7" tall.
small Prada crossbody bag
Prada Small Zip Saffiano Crossbody Bag
This small Prada crossbody bag is another stylish option.

Let me vent: This screams of another policy designed by a mostly male staff that has no clue about real world problems women face when it comes to carrying our crap.

Here is the actual policy:

PGA Tour Bag Guidelines, PGA Tour Purse Policy, PGA TOUR Bag Policy

For more information visit the PGA Tour's website.

This is Only the Beginning
Expect restrictive bag and purse policies to become to the norm.  Leagues and organizations claim that the policy is primarily for security, citing 2013's Boston Marathon bombing as the impetus for tighter restrictions.

One NFL source told me that these policies simply make the security screening process easier.  Meaning fans can get into the game quicker because bags are easier to check and security screeners have fewer judgement calls to make.

The source indicated he wouldn't be surprised if the NBA and MLB followed suit.

Shop Purses That Fit Within the PGA Tour's Purse Policy

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  1. These rules will very likely permeate more and more areas of life, from sporting activities to public assembly. Get ready for it! It seems "bad" but really needn't be..there are ways to work within these new realities, with little inconvenience. I haven't personally carried a purse in over 6.5 yrs...and don't miss it. I just use my PortaPocket cases and I'm good to go. Hard to imgine life without 'em!... :) (


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