Friday, April 11, 2014

More Good News on Green Tea

The good news on green tea just keeps coming.

Assam green tea/Image via Wikimedia
Drinking it on the job can help you stay sharper.  A recent study showed that green tea improves your working memory.  When you pair this news with green tea's anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties, it's a home run.

A small study recently done by biomedical researchers at the University of Basel found that participants performed a working memory task in which they had to watch letters flash on a screen and press a button if the letter was the same one that appeared on one or two trials prior to it.

Those who took a shot with 27.5 grams of green tea extract did better than the control group who didn't take the green tea shot.  Learn more about the study here.

I drink green tea iced or hot.  There are so many wonderful varieties of it.
Kusmi BB Detox Green Tea
Kusmi BB Detox Green Tea
I love Kusmi Teas and adore their BB Detox Green Grapefruit Tea.  I found them in Paris and order them online.

I also like Premium Stash's Ginger Peach Green Tea over ice.

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