Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday Motivation: Ditch the Junk Food & Adopt the Paris Diet

I hope you had a great weekend.  I hope you have an even greater week.

If you haven't heard, I'm trying to stick to an editorial calendar.  By going public with it, I'm hoping it has that "hold me accountable" effect.

From junk food truly jacking with your system to Parisian diet recipes (yes, please), here are some things I hope will help get you through the week:

Exercise Helps You Live Longer

There is no reason not to exercise.  Really.  Now there is solid proof it helps you live longer.  You CAN find the time to exercise for 30 minutes a day, even if it's just walking, dancing or hula hooping.  Do it.  Stop making excuses.

Junk Sucks
So junk food makes you lazy.  I could have told you that!  When I was 200 pounds and lived on M&M's & Diet Mountain Dew, I was always tired.  Now, here's science to support that.

Light French Recipes

Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook
Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook
Okay, I am ALL in on this....a LIGHT French recipe book: Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook. (Available May 13th.  Pre-order it here.)  Yes!

One can argue that those who love the Mediterranean side of France don't need this.  True.  For those of you who love northern French fare and are looking to lighten it, this is a Godsend.  To learn more about dieting with Parisian chic, check out Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen's other book, The Parisian Diet.  This book isn't about deprivation.  It's about delighting in food that's so beautifully prepared and of such high quality that you won't crave crap (like M&M's & Diet Mountain Dew).  Details on this and my other favorite French books below.

The Takeaway

Whatever you're planning right now, stop talking about it.  Start doing it.  Or at least start putting the ball in motion to begin your next big endeavor.  You'll feel better about being productive.  Promise.

Have a great week!

Buy The Parisian Diet & My Fave French Books Here:  

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