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The Most Fattening Food Around the World

Part of the fun of travel is eating.  I believe that you can learn so much about a foreign culture by simply popping into bar, ordering a local drink and appetizers and chatting up the bartender and patrons next to you.  Those are truly some of my best memories.

Banana Nutella Crepes/image via Wikimedia
Some of those memories are made with some of the world's most fattening foods.  I would live on Nutella and banana crepes if I could.  This is a calorie nightmare though: Two tablespoons of Nutella is 200 calories (110 calories from fat), the crepe itself is fry-cooked batter and usually topped with whipped cream.  At least there's some fruit, right?  I'm going with that.

Paris, 2010
Not a sweet fan?  Try gruyere crepes like the ones I had in Montmartre one night.  I died and went to food heaven.

Other fattening travel foodgasms I've had?  The expected, like a typical breakfast of Churros dunked in jello-thick chocolate in Spain.  The most random?  A cheese-wrapped hot dog (or polser as they're called in Denmark) stuffed in a bun from a street vendor in Copenhagen.  Don't judge.  It was fabulous.

Smarter Travel lists 10 of the most fattening foods around the world.  It's such food porn, it's worth discussing. Breakfast Churros dipped in chocolate and Nutella crepes are both on the list.

Georgian Khachapuri/Image via Wikimedia
How about Khachapuri from Georgia?  It's a bowl of bread stuffed with melted cheese, topped with an egg and a large pat of butter.  It actually looks pretty good.

Aligot/Image via Wikimedia
If you're in France, you MUST try Aligot.  It's a mashed potato dish with butter, cream, garlic and melted cheese whipped together in gorgeous thick dish.  Don't ask about the calories.  Just don't.

Jalebi/Image via Wikimedia
Jalebi - this is a deep-fried dough that is soaked in a sugary syrup.  Eh, not so much.

Deep Fried Mars Bar/Image via Wikimedia
Perhaps the lamest one on the list?  A Deep-Fried Mars Bar from Scotland.  Please....that's just an appetizer at the State Fair of Texas.

Read the complete list here.

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