Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jason Witten Believes Tony Romo Will Come Back "Better Than Ever"

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten believes Tony Romo will come back "better than ever" from his second back surgery in two years.  Witten shared his thoughts on the Cowboys quarterback, the 2014 schedule and more Thursday at Albertsons in Fort Worth.
Rowdy, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead and Jason Witten
Witten made the appearance (which I emceed) to work with six junior youth finalists from the Boys & Girls Club of Fort Worth.  The kids partnered with him, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead in a healthy recipe competition.

Chief Halstead's team won but the big winner was Jason Witten's SCORE Foundation which received a $75,000 donation courtesy of Albertsons.

On Tony Romo
Witten had high praise for Tony Romo who had surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back in December and missed the final game of the regular season against the Eagles.  Romo was cleared for workouts that began on April 21st, which also happened to be his 34th birthday.

"He looks great and I'm excited to see where he is," Witten said with a smile.

"People don't realize the will and kind of toughness he has. I think somewhere it got lost because we were playing Philadelphia but he played most the that game (the Washington game) with the back injury and won the game for us."

 "He looks good.  I see him running out there.  It's always good to have him out there.  I think he's gonna be better than ever and I'm excited for this season."

Witten on the 2014 Schedule
With the Cowboys schedule coming out this week, Witten admits he looks at it and says it's "tough" starting right away with the San Francisco 49ers in the opener on September 7th.

What's Crucial for Late Season Success
While it's easy to downplay the impact these offseason workouts have, Witten warns against that.

"Winning in December and January, a big part of this is how the training camp goes and our offseason work," he said after the event.  "I think it's critical in our development as a football team."

On the Draft
He also admits he's not a draft geek.  While Witten is a college football fan, he's not watching the mock draft or waiting with bated breath to see who the Cowboys select.  He's happy to find out with the rest of us.

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