Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is Your Afternoon Snack Making You Fat?

Do you have that love/hate relationship with the vending machine?  I do.  I'll be starving at 3 or 4 and, if I don't prepare for a snack attack, will let the vending machine win.  Whether it be a bag of M&M's bar (I could a party size one, btw) or bag of chips, vending machines usually offer crap.
A recent British study (granted, done by a berry company), noted that 4:12pm is the time of day most Brits are likely to wreck their diets.  This isn't much of a shock at all.  If you eat a 250 calorie sugar-filled candy bar or 300 calorie bag of chips and throw on a 150 calorie soda with that, you're doing some diet damage

So you how do you fight back?  Preparation is key!

Bring snacks to work.  Think of it as your Desk Diet.  Here are some snacks, which hold up to sitting unrefrigerated on your desk or in a cooler in your car, that won't sabotage your diet:
  • Apple and string cheese - one of my favorite snacks
  • Five dried apricots and a quarter cup of raw almonds
  • A slice of whole wheat bread or pita with natural peanut butter and raisins
  • A serving size of all-natural crackers with a piece of string cheese 
I like bars.  They're easy and portable.  You can buy an entire box of bars and stash them in your desk.  It's an easy "set it and forget" way to fight the vending machine.

Here is a selection of some of my favorites that are all under 250 calories: 

Also drink a lot of water or herbal tea throughout the day (I LOVE Kusmi Tea).  Staying hydrating really does help you ward off hunger.

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