Monday, March 1, 2010

Mavs/Hornets Mixed Bag PLUS Attack of the Drunk Chick

Mavs get their 7th win in high blood-pressure inducing fashion. Plus - what goes on AFTER Mavs games???? The attack of the tipsy Mavs fan might be the more interesting story.

A couple of notes...Eduardo Najera said after the game, the Hornets zone defense was effective. The Mavericks recent success has been impressive considering that, according to head coach Rick Carlisle, they've had only one "semi-normal practice." I asked Carlisle before the game if he was impressed with how the new players (Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and Deshawn Stevenson) have integrated into this system and if the streak was a sign of their comfort level. He said I was focusing too much on the results and needed to look closer at the games. Fair enough. The fact that New Orleans cut a 25-point deficit to just four points supports his answer. Still, the results still don't suck.

Lots of people are drinking that Mavs Kool-Aid and jumping on the bandwagon. Are you or do you think this is all fool's gold? Or have you already been there?

2 comments on "Mavs/Hornets Mixed Bag PLUS Attack of the Drunk Chick"
  1. Whaddaya mean? I've been drunk on the Kool-Aid for two years now. Even when it sucks there's no place else I'd rather be.

    If you're talking about logical expectations, the Mavericks will need some help if they're getting deep in the playoffs. How much depends on what happens from here.

  2. As Charles Haley once said, "If you jump off the bandwagon, we don't want you back on it."


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