Monday, May 24, 2010

Cowboys Turning 50 & Feeling Fine w/ New "Celebration" Logo.

The traditional "gift" for a 50th anniversary is gold.  Something golden.  Austin Powers infamous Goldmember comes to mind.  Fancy a smoke and pancake?

I digress.

The Cowboys unveiled their 50th anniversary "celebration" logo today.  Your thoughts?

The logo will be on players' jersey for all 2010 games.  The team will have a season-long celebration this year with all sorts of  "best-of" moments.  Individual game tickets for all 10 home games will have "great moments in team history" depicted on them.  Selected home games will also celebrate "different historical elements of the past 50 years."

What does that all mean?  A lot of work for my fine friends at Cowboys TV!  I worked for the Cowboys during their 40th anniversary season and THAT was a big deal.  I can't imagine what's in store for 50.
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